Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More flowers

Refreshing myself by nice flowers  pictures. I took their photos when I was going to bank. I know that you're raising your eyebrow and going to ask me "Why were you carrying a camera to the bank?". My answer is "I don't know. Maybe that time my head was busy of complicated lessons. Of course I returned to my home for pick up my purse that I've forgotten already":)


Тэмээчин бүсгүй said...

Гоё юмаа. Би ѳчигдѳр цэцэг авья гээд дэлгүүр орсон чинь л нэг л нэг амьгүй юм шиг ѳнгѳ муутай санагдаад аваагүй хүрээд ирсэн. Энэ цэцэгнүүд чинь ѳнгѳ сайтай цэцэгнүүд байна даа.

Naraa said...

sarnai gudamjind n urgaal goyiimaa