Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Got a promotion!

I would like to share this amazing news. Yesterday my supervisor called me in his room and I reached there few minutes later. He was with HR officer and they had something nice things to say to me which expressed on their face apparently. However, I have no idea about what they will say but I know only it might be good news. Yes, it is a good news I've never heard before. I've got a promotion. Of course, not a big jump to top, but such  a great award to me. 
Oh my goodness, this month I'll receive my new salary which almost doubled former one. That sounds great! Thank you my organization's administration who open their eyes on staff's real performance and appreciate their contributions.         


Cаарал said...


Гилийн хатан said...

Баяр хүргэе. Мундаг охин шүү. Удахгүй өөр сайхан мэдээ дуулгана гэж хүлээж байя.

Bebe said...

баяр хүргэе :]

BuBu said...

bayr hurgey! salary doubledana gdg chine big jumpd tootsvol tootshoor l ym bndaa:D

naraa said...

Саарал ахад: Баярлалаа, япон хэл мэдэхгүй ч google translate-аар уншчихлаа.
Гилийн хатан эгчид: Баярлалаа, дахин дахин сайхан мэдээ дуулгахыг хичээнээ.
Bebe-д: Баярлалаа, Бэбэ.
Bubu-д: Баярлалаа, харин тиймээ. Хамгийн сайхан нь тэр байна шүү.

chris said...

congrats! :-)